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At Tyburn Hill, we offer valuable services to help authors create the best work possible.


Checking Text on a Document

For those in need of story and general editing, Tyburn Hill offers expert service. Let our team clean up your manuscript and make it the top-notch story you envisioned. With focus on such elements as flow, pacing, description, clarity of action sequences, and ease of read, you can be sure readers will be enthralled from page one.


Used Book Shop

If you're looking for something to make your book stand out in the marketplace, let Tyburn Hill help. We can design and create covers for nearly every genre.


Vintage Microphone

Are you looking to create an audio book for your novel? Let Tyburn Hill help. Our classically trained voice actor will record your novel and our staff will edit it together, along with music. We offer competitive rates and can provide most file formats needed.

Author Services: News & Updates
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