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Neil Herndon

Simon Rigel constantly struggled to find his place in the galaxy. Art had him craving more, and only when he traveled into space did he feel genuinely at home. Yet, after a sequence of encounters, he discovers himself in the midst of a cosmic conflict that questions everything he knows. 

After an alien emissary comes calling, Simon moves from humble citizen to captain of one of the finest warships when his biological father, a legendary war hero, goes missing. Over the course of Simon’s first year battling against an implacable enemy, the fledgling pilot shows his skill with every encounter. But the adversary forces him and his crew to the edge, along with the sanctimonious demands of his political officer. It forces Simon to find his own way in the fight, and do what he feels is true and good, not just what he's told.

Journey Beyond.jpg


Neil Herndon

What would you do if the people you thought represented decency and peace hurt someone you cared about? How far would you go for their safety? Simon Rigel turned traitor. To save his mother. When Simon joins up with the Confederation of Worlds, he finds suffering, struggle,  and pain. All at the hands of the Collective, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to force peace talks once again. Only an old menace threatens to turn the Galactic Strife into chaos. An insectoid race known as the Reduvians betray their former allies in the Confederation with the intent of taking control of a fractured galaxy for themselves. And they have been planning their attack for quite some time. Which means it’s up to Simon and his crew to stop the rebellion before too many lives are lost.

Enemy Among The Stars.jpg


Neil Herndon

The galactic landscape is no longer as black and white as the crew of the Star Runner used to believe--if it ever was. And the truth maroons them between two sides. To make matters worse, Captain Simon Rigel has to fill the position of engineer on his ship, following the loss of someone near and dear to his heart. Tensions rise, leaving the galaxy teetering on a precipice. Will it be peace, or a renewed war between the Collective and the Confederation? Unfortunately, the Gammorans return en masse, cutting the negotiations short. Everyone can see the danger this old enemy poses, yet no one wants to act. So, Captain Rigel does what he has always done, and forges his own road. However, that path leaves him squaring off with the galaxy's nemesis, not once but twice. And neither incident goes according to plan...

Specter of Darkness.jpg


Neil Herndon

In a story that blends 'Harry Potter' and 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', Kaitlyn Adams discovers that she’s different. Very different indeed. And no one seems to understand. When her parents start running out of ideas on how to help her, they receive a rather odd visitor. A man who says he runs a school for children just like their daughter. After hearing what the academy offers, they decide it’s the best thing for her. And what she finds, is a world she never knew existed.

But not everything is good in the world of the Oddities. All the things that go bump in the night stand ready to fill the darkness with fear. The Nightshade Circus wants nothing more than to torment, terrorize, and torture regular folks with its perversions of the natural world. And its ringmaster wants to fill the ranks with all the children of the school. Leaving Katie and her friends to find an ancient artifact in order to stop him. Along the way, they cross paths with gods, timeless beings, and long-legged beasties all seeking the same thing. 

And with an old prophecy about to be fulfilled, time is running out.  



Neil Herndon

Sophomore year has arrived! Katie Adams and her friends return for another exciting year at the Hannum Academy for Intellectual Advancement, or as it’s better known, the Oddity Academy. In a world populated with strange abilities, unique gifts, and otherworldly monsters, these teens are just trying to make the grade. Unfortunately, the sinister plot of the man in charge of an evil circus will throw their world into chaos…

Amid the study hall sessions and last minute crams for tests in the library, bedlam descends on the Academy. And not in the form of a frantic teenage morning routine. Just as the students are getting a handle on their abilities, Cornelius Coffin, the school’s principal falls gravely ill. Strange for a man who can’t die. It’s an event that leads Katie and her friends on a quest to find the true nature of a mysterious event known as the Cycle. Along the way, they discover the first inklings of a plan to protect all the realms. Protect them from the last Jotnar, a Devourer with many names. But one thing is certain, she intends to bring death and destruction to every world but her own. 

Dark plots, tough lessons, joyous moments, and budding love all swirl together as seven brave teens explore a world filled will Ghoulies and Ghosties and long-legged Beasties. 

Oddity Year Two.jpg


Neil Herndon

Junior year is here! Katie Adams and her friends return for another exciting year at the Hannum Academy for Intellectual Advancement, or as it’s better known, the Oddity Academy. In a world populated with strange abilities, unique gifts, and otherworldly monsters, these teens are just trying to make the grade. This year, however, schoolwork isn’t the only thing that keeps the students’ noses buried in books…

As signs of an ancient prophecy unfold, so does a plan on stopping the End Times. After having a visitor in the form of a Dwarf over summer break, Katie returns to school with a roadmap towards salvation. However, while searching for answers to the problem, one of her friends inadvertently unleashes a new element into the game. During his quest for a Dwarven artifact, Hannibal Madison releases a Jinni of Muspelheim from her protection against the looming threat. In doing so, gives the ringleader of Nightshade Circus the perfect opportunity to finally get his way. Though, after a long discussion about the state of the world, the Jinni agrees to help the school in its fight against the last Devourer. A choice that comes at a cost, as Nightshade wants her help as well, and will do just about anything to get it.



Neil Herndon

Senior year has arrived. For most teenagers, it's a time that marks some amazing changes. Transition to adulthood, the end of one chapter of life and the beginning of another, and new possibilities, just to name a few. However, for Katie Adams and her friends, it marks something far darker. The arrival of the Eschaton. The prophecy of the end of the world has come true, and the events that may bring about that destruction are only a few weeks away from happening.

Yet, as it always does and always will, life keeps moving. Which means enrollment and classes starting at the Hannum Academy. Of course, preparing for war makes it difficult to focus on studies. The possibility of death makes it hard to plan for the future. Though, despite the danger, the students manage to do exactly that. Until Goodnight's march of destruction towards destiny hits a little too close to home. Until the Nightshade Circus

Can gods, ancient beings, and a gaggle of committed teenagers stand together and battle back the nightmares of three worlds, or will darkness finally succeed in snuffing out the light?

Oddity 4c.jpg


Shannon Yingst

Warning: Adult Content
Online dating: the new way of life. It seems like the only logical way to meet people anymore. The rest of our lives are on the internet, so why not our love lives too? Because if you wait for your friends to set you up, you'll only be disappointed with their choice.

'If They Can't Kiss Right' is a journey and a guide through the perils of online dating. One woman's story of looking for love after heartbreak. The amorous adventure takes her to strange places, introduces strange people, and sheds insight into what separates Right from Right Now. Man or woman, gay or straight, the advice stays the same. Stay true to who you are, and hold true to what you want. Don't quite know what that is? Then pick up your copy and follow along as one woman seeks to answer that question for herself. 

If they can't kiss right.jpg


Neil Herndon

In 1973, the Government shut down the program known as MKUltra. Because in 1972 Michael Masdow escaped from it.

He did so carrying secrets, lots and lots of secrets. All the worst things ever done, all the hidden truths kept from the public, all the evil plots to keep the world walking down its path. Population control. Product dissemination. Assassinations. Disease introduction. Technological advancements. Aliens. Everything the organization in charge wanted kept from prying eyes. Now on the run, Mike has to survive and find a way to get retribution. Has to figure out how to use all those secrets against the people responsible. But considering what he's carrying, they will stop at nothing to get him back, to keep him silent. Including unleashing super soldiers with advanced weaponry, technology most see as impossible. 

In a race for control, will Mike succeed in bringing down the organization responsible for his treatment, or will the agents trailing him secure the most valuable asset the world has ever known?



Neil Herndon

The digital era is upon us, and with it comes a new tier of elite hackers. They command satellites, commandeer technology, and expose skeletons hiding in closets. Nothing is beyond their reach, until they stumble on a Soviet spy named Nikolai. Originally shackled by the High Command, the team unwittingly handed him global access, something that didn't exist back during the Cold War. Armed with nuclear weapons and an agenda of domination, Nikolai begins systematically shutting down targets, doing his best to force Communist rule on the world. However, on the other side of the board is the crew that freed him. Captured by the federal government, they have to pit skill against skill in a game with dire consequences. An elite crew facing off against an insane super-genius with a grudge and a complement of nuclear warheads. What could go wrong?



Neil Herndon

A story that blends the worlds of steampunk and high fantasy into one great epic adventure. The war isn’t coming, it’s already here. The realms have stood on a knife blade, hoping something would be done. Yet none of the so-called “great kings” did anything to keep the darkness from swallowing the land. Now there is no choice. As more and more citizens are drafted for the army, a highwayman gathers a small band of like-minded souls. His team comes together with one goal and one goal alone binding them as one: strike back at the heart of the enemy. Different races, different skills, and different ideals come together to cross behind enemy lines and destroy the threat once and for all. All of them willing to risk everything, all of them willing to fight to the last breath to see their cause complete. If they fail, a plague of evil will scour the lands clean of life and happiness. The pressure is on, the threat is real, and the true heroes of the mounting war will never have their names sung in praise even if they succeed.

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John Muir

"The power of imagination makes us infinite"

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Looking for something a little more spicy? Then look no further! Tyburn Hill has a selection of romance and erotic novels, but these are NOT for younger readers, and not for the faint of heart.



Amanda Rawlins

Karen runs a popular online dating site. She's been able to find love for so many people, and fast flings for so many more. Yet, she can never seem to take care of her own love life. Too many times hurt in the past leaves her with a lot of armor against heartbreak. Until she hires a new assistant and sparks fly, changing everything.

Black Sheep.jpg


Amanda Rawlins

Victor left home when he was eighteen. But not for college. To explore the world. He's seen almost every continent, been more places than he can count. But when tragedy strikes, Victor is forced to return home. Back to the small town he grew up in. When he arrives, he's flood with memories. And a harsh reality. The girl he had a crush on in high school is dating his cousin. His friends have all gotten married, settled down. Life moved on without him. But when an unexpected face turns up, new possibilities open up to him. And he might not have to wander the world alone anymore.

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